Bulnes Samame Rock

by yudaica2013 ·

For all musician who has had the opportunity to work in a Creole rock, he is to him very impressive the death of an exponent of this musical sort. In me case particularly, hurts much to me the game of Mr. Arthur Mulatto Cavero, since I had the luck to accompany it with the musical frame in the rock Charles and his rock. In the year of 1982, I work in this rock, and when the day arrived to contract marriage with my Adriana fianc2ee, we chose between both, to ask the owner of the rock, is our godfather. The owner of the rock Mr. Carlos Bulnes Samame, (that peacefully rests), accepted with much joy this order.

In the month of Julio of year 1984, (considering me like artist exponent of our Creole music), turned my third anniversary in this activity. Our married godfather: Carlos Bulnes, wanted to homenajear to me by this anniversary; and it prepared for this event one night of rock, in a particular day, so that it did not have to cross itself presentations of weekend. It suggested, that we invited to Arthur Mulatto Cavero, and to Ana Maria to us Borja so that they were my artistic godfathers; the hand of God gave the luck us of which this outside reality. I am safe, that for me, and all the musicians who we had the luck to accompany it in its activities; for the Creole artists in its totality, and for all the public who esteem its art; Cavero Mulatto always will live in our memory. That voice will never go out, that will be listened to in but the deep thing of our being. Godfather rests peacefully; my artistic godfather.


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