Watermelon Celebration

by yudaica2013 ·

During Uruana years it is known national as the capital of the watermelon. The great production of the fruit, causing the heading to the city, structuralizing the identity of the same one; which monument the fruit becoming the official symbol of the city. But with the increasing production of the sugar cane-of-sugar, the soy and the creation of the cattle, we can see clearly that the producers more do not prioritize the production of the watermelon in the region. Exactly with the interferences in the production, the city traditionally continues promoting the party, that has more than twenty years is considered a national and international success. The party of the watermelon grew proportionally and conquered international public, come people of different countries, to know the party and to swim in the famous river Uru. The festive moment occurs during the September month; in three days of party, a parade occurs to choose the queen and the princesses of the party. In elapsing of the party the producers of the region display its products, and of simple form they transmit the importance of the agrarian production in region. In the last day of the party a parade that passes for the main avenue of the city, a cultural parade carried through by the innumerable schools and other cultural groups of the city and of other regions is carried through that they aim at to present with property the importance of the art, the musicalidade, the land, the corporal expression and the cultural identity of this people. In this context we notice that the party is a cultural movement that during years comes monumentally constructing to the memory history of this goiana city.


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