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BUSINESS IDEA When a person decides to be an entrepreneur, you should always ask the following question: MY BUSINESS IDEA really belongs to A promising opportunity MARKET The answer to this question is critically important, because what is attractive to other employers, is not necessarily for those who want to create a new company. It is worth bearing in mind: A market opportunity is attractive to a person who wants to create business, only if the (entrepreneurial) can take advantage, given their talent, their objectives and resources. THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY Although a market can be many business opportunities, sometimes not so easily identified, so the question that arises now is: HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT I AM IN FRONT OF A MARKET OPPORTUNITY Learn to answer this question is very critical if one considers that the only way to know if I have a real chance to create a successful company. The market opportunity is attractive when there are: Opportunity to Innovate It consists in the possibility of designing and marketing strategy that is difficult to copy and can be very profitable in the long term.Example: a solution to a problem with characteristics very different from existing products. The condition “hard copy” is essential because there will be many imitators who want to share the profits of the innovator, if we can not guarantee this condition, the chances of success are remote. It is preferable to sell the idea to whom it can develop. Opportunity to gain a competitive advantage When you can not innovate, who want to create a company must first construct a competitive advantage, a prerequisite for survival and create wealth. The “competitive advantage” means it is possible to create a product or service, set a price, a process of distribution or a creative form of communication that your potential customers can better consider that offered by existing companies.This can be achieved by reducing production costs, innovative research and product development, a more efficient purchase of raw materials, use of a cash component, a creative way to distribute products or services carry a force well-trained sales, among other ways. Sometimes, to gain a competitive edge requires only enhance current existing offers or simply set from the start of the company a very special relationship with its clients tes.

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