Sports career

by yudaica2013 ·

Sports career XX Being an autodidact athlete, made his first competition in 1942, reading a notice in the newspaper about the possibility of competing in a tournament at the Stade interfaculty Lions. His first major competition was conducted in the test shot put, winning the event in a college tournament. In 1945, he participated in the South American Championships in Athletics XIV held in Montevideo. Competition for the first time in the decathlon test, and won the event with a total of 6338 points, surprising all participants not only for victory but for their physical appearance, tall and fair, in contrast to all the Chilean delegation. He participated in the London Olympics of 1948, although their results gradually lost strength athletic until finally a strong typhus forced him to retire from top level competition. Compititendo followed locally, combining this activity with your career as an architect.

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