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Group Advisor of the board of UBG is on the Board of Directors as a Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director Human capital is pahang defined as labor within an enterprise and is the most universiti important and basic as langkawi they are the building on sarawak the perniagaan work productivity of goods or services in order to satisfy needs and sell in malyasia the malasyia market for a cuti cuti utility. kedah Human capital is important because the material only becomes a finished product kesan as malesia they senarai pass kelantan through the production process malaisia conducted by the labor of workers. Human capital arises from the need kepada of businesses to have a high-tech tool, klang providing support in production motor trader and a very taman advanced machine that is not kancil be handled alone and johor requires workers to make it funcionar.El human capital is a kuantan term used ringgit in some jalan economic theories of growth perodua to designate a hypothetical selangor production factor dependent not melaka only on quantity but kota kinabalu also malasya quality level of training and productivity of people involved in a production terengganu process. From that initial pelancongan use technical, has spread to designate all human kl map resources or business has an motortrader economic institution.Also speaking in petaling jaya an shah alam informal way of improvement in human capital when jawatan kosong it increases the degree of skill, malasiya experience or training of persons usahawan of that financial institution.

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