Chechen Websites

by yudaica2013 ·

Most of these sites are located on free hosting services such as ucoz.ru, narod.ru and others, which means the surface approach to their projects. In recent years (2006-2007) on the Internet like mushrooms after the rain began to appear “Our” sites that just copy the information from each other, sometimes not only information but also design up to the last pixel! The staff of our site, “looking” at this mess, I decided to filter and collect the good and worthy sites into a single whole, giving the name “Catalog of 1. In the directory are added only to sites with quality content, professional design and a good rating. The catalog does not include sites where available information: calling for incitement of ethnic hatred, calls for the destruction of existing legitimate authority in and Russia. All references in the catalog and direct resources are constantly checked for existence and normal functioning. Anyone can install on your browser to our “toolbar” for quick navigation through catalog without having to open the site..


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