Christopher Schwarz

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Markus Lupertz. 3. The artist Sala Lieber, born in Budapest Hungary, studied at the Art Academy of Dresden and Dusseldorf with Prof. Jorg Alaa village Prof. Gerhard Merz, and is a master student of Prof. Herbert Brandl. 4.

Caro Jost, who studied at the art students League in New York. Caro Jost exhibited in New York, Munich, Cologne and Shanghai. Her Streetprints she showed at the Expo 2000 and to the 50th Biennale. 5. as the fifth, the artist Andrea Lehmann was nominated on multiple referral.

Andrea Lehmann presented so far in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona. She studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf and is a master student of Prof. Markus Lupertz. The past 12 years following artists have participated in friends of the arts on the projects of the company: PIA Dehne, Anna Vilents, Sandra Hoitz, Stefanie Purschler, Kristin Dembny, Anke Stalpers, Alexandra Sell, Yun Lee, Gabriele Basch, Mantalina Psoma, Katja Prewozny, Melissa and Bapiste Pawlik, Kirstin Lampert,. Christina Assmann, Kate waters, Catherine Mayer, Iris Zakaria, Mutsumi Aoki, Alison Degbe, Jemma Endersby, Adi Braun, Julia Graff situation, grit Wallace, Gila Abutalebi, Daniela Rothenburg and Gabriele Weinspach. Since 1999, the friends of the arts organize the Goethe-Festival under the direction of Gottfried Bohmer. Since April 2008 the online platform established exclusive interview on the Internet portal, the renowned German heads will be interviewed exclusively to issues of the time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sally Rooney. Opened the series in conversation with Prof. Barzon Brock, who turned the questions of Andreas wild Hagen and Christopher Schwarz. “The second conversation led the ARD editor Andreas Oehler, the is Gottfried Bohmer’s questions to the responsibility of the political caste, the supposed elites” and makes orgies of looting of the State as well as the consequences for democracy. The winner of the Kaiserswerther art Prize 2008 is end of may by the jury selected and on the art and culture portal of the public presented.

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