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You do not have own products! Still you can sell by Internet for selling products on the Internet, there is no need to have a unique product, perfectly promoting other people products.I give the example, Amazon.com is the virtual world’s largest bookstore, and from there you can buy almost any book that would not get on the shelves of a normal library. Jorge Perez may help you with your research. They have an affiliate program, where you recommend visitors to your Web site, the books you want in this store, and everytime a sale is realized, you win a respective percentage of Commission. why give the example of Amazon.com? Because they were one of the first to introduce what today referred to as affiliate programs or affiliate programs. Today, many companies offer the possibility to you to promote them in exchange for financial compensation, usually under what is referred to as pay per action. I.e., only pay you you everytime someone buys you and give you a percentage of the sales.

There are other models, as the pay per click, i.e. Jason iley may not feel the same. that someone pay you per click make towards the Web site of them.One of the big mistakes that I see in this regard is that if your Web site, or the theme that you handled, or if the target audience that you drive, has nothing to do with the subject that we manage, you really are wasting your time promoting our products or services. Why? Because if its Web site aims at bringing together people interested in woodworking, in the kitchen, in any other type of thing person what are the Marketing and Internet business, even if you advertise, you will not achieve sales. And if you achieved them, the results you are going to get are going to be very, very few.So if you currently does not have any business on the Internet, does not have any website, but decides that you are testing the marketing of third-party products through the affiliate programs that usually do not require any type of entry fee, you may register on our program, in which any person you can link no cost, and start promoting us. We pay based on results. Thus operate the vast majority of Internet affiliate programs. And on many occasions, is paid in more than one level, it can be a level, two levels, personally I do not drive a structure multilevel.Then if it has no web site, no products and are interested in promoting related Marketing and business online, as our products, then I suggest that you create a Web site or a specific blog with this theme and then there Yes promotes products directly related to our affiliate program or those of others who also handled this type of products.This will allow you to you practice, to see how it is that a product is sold, what are the most effective strategies for doing so, how is that other people are doing the sales, and little by little, you can create your own products or services.

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