Valencia Taxes

by yudaica2013 ·

Monday, first fire of summer, higher taxes to celebrate the election results, the Government has the uncanny ability to always announce things after an election, as if they were hurt less, but isn’t so surges always hurt although they camuflen with another name. Jason iley may find this interesting as well. In times of crisis which least helps is that touch you Pocket, already itself waned, to present Government raise taxes is positive, but normal and common people won’t like, crisis continues its course taking ahead everything what reaches your step. As in bygone times it has re-opened the ancient debate on nuclear energy in the same terms as long ago for not changing anything, we still like always, every summer they raise taxes, the early fires occur and open forgotten debates everything to plug today which is made a few foxes. The potiliticos are still in their respective pedestals, while all the others continue to suffer from the crisis, the only calm here are Mafia gangs in the East who have discovered the easy it is to commit crimes in our country where the laws favor them. The crisis will be long and does cause some social revolt is all a matter of time, when your Pocket suffers the problems begin.

This summer is not going to be cheerful as the yesteryear, the crisis springboard it, is not the same thing go on vacation with that sound economy with a shrinking economy. Spain is a strange country where despite the crisis nobody moves thing more minimal, in other countries for less revolts are mounted to protest here no. Spain is made a real catastrophe while the Government raises taxes, crushing pockets of the long-suffering citizen who is the eternal payer without right to more. The difference between Spain and elsewhere is here your football team lower division and mobilizing people, but you stay without economic resources because you lose the job and not pass anything you resignas and shut up. Up to beer consumption has declined and is that leisure is the first thing that is trimmed in difficult times. You note that summer is here well, already have the first fire of the season in Valencia, the crisis continues here installed with us to make us company indefinitely, as a long illness, while our pockets are emptied euros and are filled with dust. And you may begin to think about August vacations even under a pine forest with flies.

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