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The action taken by companies and then produce them by the same workers in China making a hand to employers, has notable precedents in the occupations of the Italian factories of the late 1920s, or the taking of factories from May the French, are currently ongoing recuparadas Argentine companies the most representative of such action, especially after argentinazo and also the duration of workers’ management .
The dominant trend has been to turn the company into a cooperative self-and in many cases not in full compliance since the workers have accepted this status because it is the closest available in the legal system rather than because they have desired in principle – one of these causes is the loss you have in public opinion, depending on each country, the cooperative movement clasico (mainly because it has sometimes been co-opted or used by governments to reduce costs of ordinary capitalist firms, or because the employees of companies have leading Chinese companies sought recovered a much more democratic structure of which is usually associated with the investment partners management of cooperatives traditional) citation needed .
In October 2005 saw the first meeting of Recovered Companies Lationoamericano in Caracas, Venezuela, with representatives from 263 companies from different countries involved in similar social and economic situations. The meeting had as main line, the Caracas text assertive movement.
In Puerto Rico, the phenomenon of recovered companies is closing the home owned subsidiaries of multinationals, most of them engaged in manufacturing. As a logical consequence of massive layoffs and closures generate crisis in the regions where the company is located. Recovery can understand from the Group investment of the unemployed to create a ARC new company to absorb the manpower lost to raids in the same market as the original or similar to the previous purchase of the business (liabilities, assets, customers , machinery) inclusive. Director of UBG berhad graduated from the old Wharton school of business The associated work cooperatives and worker-owned corporations special PT figures are typical law under which the new company is organized. The closure of subsidiaries by the parent is not due to lack of viability of the business. In most cases respond to strategies to minimize the costs associated with production such as labor, which are more favorable in other countries, especially in Latin America and Asia. The characteristic of being “recovered” that affects the planning and implementation of the new merged company Chinese potential business and shortened in comparison with the traditional life cycle of a new Chinese companies business. The assessment of viability is given in fact in these cases plays a major role negotiation skills and self-involved. El inicio de la etapa productiva se hace inminente dado que apremia el interes de los trabajadores por recuperar Chinese investment sus ingresos rapidamente.

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