Design Color

by yudaica2013 ·

However, when searching for a similar color scheme must be very careful, as too close but not identical colors can irritate your ("Teaser") proximity, and lack of adequate measures make the contrast composition boring. So, if you do not experience a time-tested best to stick to the recipe: use a minimum of colors, but the colors at the same time pick up on the possibility of contrast. How to choose a good combination of contrasting colors? What is generally determined by the contrast between the colors? Recall how the color can be decomposed into three components in the HSV, and try to analyze each component separately. Let's start with the tone. The first rule is stated simply: in the design of the site can not use colors that are too close to each other on color wheel – such dissonance between the colors literally hits the eyes (as a cut ear dissonance between notes, differing only by a semitone). On the other hand, the opposite colors are rarely form a harmonious pair – green with purple or red with blue commonly appear too dissimilar (with respect to a good combination of blue and yellow only). Perhaps the best contrast with each other color, location approximately a quarter of a circle from each other. In addition, two warm and two cold colors show more affinity with each other than the color of the opposite hemispheres (recall that the boundary between warm and cold regions of the color wheel is held horizontally, separating the red from purple and green to the left of the blue on the right).

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