Physico-mechanical Properties Of Particleboard

by yudaica2013 ·

Chipboard (DSP) manufactured by hot pressing of wood particles (wood chips) with a binder. As a binder used urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde and other resins. Using the cpd in various sectors of the economy determines the diversity in the requirements for plates, which accounts for a large number of their species. Particleboard klassifikatsiyDSP classified by the method compaction, construction, type of chopped wood, applied by the binder, facing materials, etc. By way of pressing distinguish dsp flat molding and extrusion, ie extruded shapes.

The first manufactured with the application pressing efforts perpendicular plate and the second – parallel to it. By pressing the flat plate design issued one-, three-, five-and multi-layer, single-layer extrusion complete with internal channels. In the single-layer slabs of sizes of wood particles and binder content are the same throughout the thickness of the slab. In the three-and five-layer slabs, one or both outer layers (each side) are made of finer particles with a high content of binder in comparison with the internal layers. These plates have a smooth surface and have high durability. Particleboard produced unlined and lined with (one or two layers peeled or sliced veneer, paper, impregnated with synthetic resins, synthetic film, etc.).


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