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In accordance with Sheep (2002), Computer science is present in our society in some areas: Domestic environment: it modified the way of leisure of the family, where the computer is used through games, simulators and diverse environments of the Internet. Environment of work: the computer uses itself as a tool of side work, leaving the routine and manual work, providing, thus, an automatized work more, had to the power of access to the information. Environment of the citizenship: the computer and computer science are gifts in the elections, cadastros, help in the communication of the local occurrences, among others. Being thus, the technology also is present in the ways and embezzlements of the education. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. The coexistence of passive school with pupils active is impossible, capable to use the computer as a necessary tool in its learning. Jay Schwartz understood the implications. The author still says that the school being an institution that forms the pupils to rethink and to legalize its to know is important that it is in accordance with the reality of the world.

The computer being present in the daily pertaining to school makes with that our society crosses walls, that is, brings possibilities of communication between people that never perhaps have personal contact, opens ways for research (to know and to intervene with what it is wanted to learn). For Almeida (1988) the computer develops itself in a world of supervaluation of thinking, where it gains space in the work and it diminishes the borders, operating in the order of the consciences and the social spaces. It is a component of the global process of the education in Brazil, beyond an instrument of improvement of some schools (public or particular); that it is not a solucionador of real problems, therefore is necessary that has a survey of the problems of the school, but auxiliador of this process. According to Sheep (2002), researchers and educators study as to use the computer as pedagogical tool, that is, Computer science in the Education.


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