The Audience

by yudaica2013 ·

Do not stop. A bruising then I really got a lot of ice burns a lot of it. Trauma was one. And it so happened that I was before was interviewed. I was asked: “What you can prevent the win?”. And I replied: “Only injury!”. And now, after a minute, I get it.

The doctor to whom I was taken, he said that I had Achilles tendon rupture, and I for some time will not be able to walk. I panic – I have a project, the number of new must rehearse. Went to another doctor. He calmed, said that it is not divide, but recommend a smaller move for some time, until healed. But I had to break taboos.

We slightly altered the number that the load was on the other leg, bad leg cut away analgesic, wore special bandages, and I went out on the ice. The audience, incidentally, never guessed that my injury. “Well be back! “The main thing is not victory, and participation “- is not about you! – Yes. I will do everything possible to win! If we are to do something, then at 100 percent! It’s in my nature! -Maybe the Olympics in 2014 go? You have it so good at? – I think that we have good skaters who will represent our country. But I was too late. Everyone must do his own job! I would rather please the audience with his musical creativity. -What do you think of why you won?


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