Educational Informational Technologies

by yudaica2013 ·

Oldest and more used education method it is the verbalizao, the speech. Many professors still believe the use of long speeches as form of the promotion of the learning. In its great majority, the maximum that these professors obtain is that the alunado one decorates the points most important of what is being presented in classroom. San Antonio Spurs does not necessarily agree. In this perspective the pupils do not understand, do not assimilate the true essence of the learning, tonando them incapable to apply the theories presented in the concrete situations of the daily one. It is of great value a expositiva lesson, over all when the professor withholds deep knowledge of the boarded subject and possesss communication abilities. The technology of the information and communication – TIC – it arrived and to each day, one creates new concepts, new resources, that still more pass for the perfectioning process generating other advanced resources. Many sos the ways of technologies of the information that considers to add value and quality in the communication in the superior education. Here, Chris Evert expresses very clear opinions on the subject. . .


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