Environmental Zone And Driving Bans In Munich

by yudaica2013 ·

“Forbidden Passage” it says in Munich for trucks over 3.5 tonnes from 1 February 2008. Because of the high particulate matter pollution in the central ring of the Bavarian capital, it is no longer allowed after that date that the truck thoroughfares as a shortcut and take the toll zugleichvon duty on the motorways around Munich press. On the highways outside the city signs will be developed with attention to the transit ban. 25 euros it costs when a truck driver gets caught, who drives his truck through Munich. The aim is not only the mautflchtigen Brummis forced back to the highway, but also to conserve the environment. Because the data points on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich continue to deliver, as seen in the national comparison, the peak load of fine dust. In order to reduce particulate pollution in the city, in the second step then also introduced an environmental zone within the Mittlerer Ring in Munich’s old city, Schwabing, Haidhausen and other neighborhoods. The Green Zonecomes at 1 October 2008. Who then with the car still allowed to drive into the city, is dependent on the key pollutant, which is evident from the vehicle registration. Hamed Wardak The owners drive the cars, which are qualified because of their lower emissions in the city were forced to wear by the TV to get Dekra or other parts of motor vehicle emissions inspection legitimate businesses a plaque that is affixed to the windshield. With the creation of a low emission zone in Munich hope that those responsible for the reduction of pollutant emissions, especially particulate matter. Because the values set by the European Union in the year may not be exceeded more than 35 times are in Munich, for example at the Landshut all been broken regularly in the spring of each year. With the introduction of the Green Zone, the traffic in the downtown will be substantially relieved of Munich.

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