Second Life – New Office

by yudaica2013 ·

Second Life is a massively multiplayer game of a special kind until a few years ago, Second Life Insider for a term. In today’s world Second Life is also increasing interest in the media. Meanwhile, you can buy in Second Life, all things. Second Life is, so to speak – as the name implies – a second home. Here, it is possible not only to clothe his different characters, you can open your own business, develop and sell property, run jobs, marry, etc. Second Life holds so many possibilities open. This has been recognized not only individuals, but also larger offices. Latest news are now on the road to Eintracht Frankfurt to open up a new virtual office. In a press conference at the Museum for Communication, the gates were released for the Eintracht Frankfurt eV. Visitors can now converse in over 16 departments with other like-minded people on current issues. In the huge fan shop you can book your avatar inthe appropriate team colors dress. At the press conference of concord manager and vice-president Axel Hellmann about the current business model has informed, while the owner of “ffm crossmedia, Andreas Klnder, a virtual tour and an insight into the harmony-office there. In addition to the office of concord, Klnder potter and his team on the entire island, around Frankfurt. Meanwhile, there are numerous attractions including the St. Paul’s Church and more than 9 million registered users in the city. Eintracht Frankfurt’s new shop is the first and largest sports club in the Bundesliga in Second Life. In recent years, Second Life is increasingly becoming the main distribution channel for many companies. Latest News on Second Life and the new stores there are on the main page of Second Life, or – in special newsgroups – in the game M. Winter mwinter @ skorbmedia.de

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