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The music is recorded is It’s still on the sound mix. What sounds maybe just in practice requires much time and skill! “, explains director Alex Weimer. Was composed the music for foreign objects”by Adrian Sieber. Novelist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. He studied composition at the Hochschule fur Musik in Wurzburg (HfM) and is the laureate of the prize of the city of Munich. Since 2004, he has a salon and film music orchestra. The sophisticated tones for debris for two days “in the HRM recorded. Between 25 and 30 musicians were constantly involved in the recordings. At all these stages of post production as in the flight time!”says Esther Friedrich, now a solid member of the debris” is production company of Danuska3, which in the meantime moved to Berlin.

Work the three film talent Alex Weimer, Matthias GAIKWAD and Esther Friedrich since end of 2008 permanent in new, creative material for the eyes. Her current projects include water soul”an animation short film in 3D, by the Hessian film promotion and “Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and the American backroom”, a documentary film about the myth of the last remaining superpower United States, an insight into the American soul, far from pop culture and cliche images. Foreign body”was the first film feature length the MovieBrats-filmmakers. Currently, two other feature film projects being developed with young writers and directors. Online”foreign body is”now very well represented. On those interested will find everything for the multimedia needs of info about the actor, production notes up to the trailer of the film and of course many many photos. Also, fans of Web 2.0 will find on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. By the way, all three previously issued diploma theses at the FH Wurzburg around foreign bodies”, of course including the film itself, have passed.

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