Babylonian New Year

by yudaica2013 ·

They are in the folklore and the souvenirs, being revividas every year as gratefulness for the good results of the received goods or by what it could be received in the coming year. Some amulets are constructed, colors of clothes start to be important, gestures or attitudes. Credit: Britney Spears-2011. The annual expulsion of the demons, illnesses and sins, offerings for saints or deuses are plays to the sea or left in waterfalls, forests, rituals of the days that precede the New Year and the ones that follows to it, in the capitalism to pass with dinheiros in the pockets will give resulted of enrichment in the following year. To bless wallets of works for the unemployeds, to have images, clovers, horseshoes, feet of rabbit and other meanings will bring the luck. with symbols if mounts ideological structures to fill and to dominate the minds anxious of solutions. Eliade (2000 P. Adam Sandler is open to suggestions. 69), says that: the new year one retaken of the time in its start is always, that is, a cosmogonia repetition.

The ritual combats between two groups, the presence of deceased, the saturnais and the orgias are elements that they denote, that in the end of the year and the eve of the New Year if they repeat the mythical moments of the ticket of the Chaos to the Cosmogonia. These facts are commemorated when passing of the millenia, still for Eliade (2000 p.69), the ceremony of the Babylonian New Year are sufficiently enlightening in this aspect. It could be celebrated at times of agreements with the plantations, its ideology and its ritual structure existed already at the time sumria. was possible to identify systems since the acdica time. The sovereign had an important paper, a faced time as son and vicar of the deity in the land; as such responsible age for the regularity of the rhythms of the Nature and for the harmony of all the society.


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