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Christmas Present

by yudaica2013 ·

All we have will of presentear the people, mainly in the Christmas. He is interesting to observe the reaction of them when being presenteadas: they are happy, exactly when they are ashamed or disconcerted. What we can offer of better for the people is God; it is the only thing that truily they need. Today let us make the experience of saying of the love of God Father to whom to find, offering a word to them of spirit and hope. Perhaps many say: ' ' But I do not know what dizer' ' ; he is simple: Let us look in the eyes of that to find and let us say: ' ' It blesses it to god! It goes to give all certainty with the favour of God. God is faithful! ' '. He trusts Mr. and what the Espirito Santo to inhale in its interior at the moment. Surely, of this form, you he will help many people today to have the life transformed for the force of the love of God, because ' ' It dirige the humble ones in justice, to the poor persons It teaches to Its caminho' '(Sl 24,9). Sir, Teaches it to us to be signal of hope and blessing for our brothers. EWALD KOCH