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A description of everyday situations in the elevator a situation which everyone knows. The door will open. Inwardly you groan in, again a full lift. Polite as you are, leave the older Lady go first. Additional information is available at Tony Parker. You push in the elevator, the scents and the warmth of her neighbors are trying to ignore. Her eyes restless seeking a destination, you can focus on that.

Avoid any eye contact and rigid time your neighbor on his shoes schindend. Internally you breathe a sigh relieved three floors, just made! The silence in the elevator is a well-known phenomenon. Why is it so, that is nobody dares to say something? The lift is a close and limited space. He forced the passenger to move the stranger beside him, as he would normally do. Every sound, every smell in the small space is perceived much more and shows its proximity to his foreign neighbors. The man expresses his intimate encounters with him trusted people but just by proximity and an entry permit in the near distance range from. Even there are quite different and personal limits.

This close to a stranger evokes feeling of shame, but the personal distance limit in this situation a lot more than exceeded under normal circumstances. The feeling of shame leads to a passive behavior in the majority of the people. The man feels insecure and operates out of its uncertainty. With the help of communication entry the person on other people. He expresses active (verbal or non-verbal) his thoughts and feelings through the language. Man is now unsure of themselves, as in this unnatural situation of distance, and it is only among strangers, that pushes him inside in the passivity. His desire for communication and Exchange succumbs to the oppressive feeling of strangeness and uncertainty. Since it is alike all passengers in a certain way that leads to the unpleasant and at the same time known silence while riding in the elevator. Many People suffer space fear (claustrophobia) in limited places. This additional aspect comes with many passengers worse to even at low expression of this fear. The question: What is if the lift is now stuck? Is the air we breathe? Imagine not only people who suffer from fear of space. The overwhelming silence reinforces the perception of narrowness to multiples. So the passenger is employed internally with many personal impressions, which contribute in addition to that he reacts rather introverted and passive.


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