Juan Bautista

by yudaica2013 ·

The path is exhausting and the the Prophet preaching can be long. Hear other arguments on the topic with sela ward. Why not give you some food to ensure that?- & nbsp; Remember that the food shortage; But even so I will give you two loaves and a fish- & nbsp; That are five loaves, beloved wife and two fish. Our son is growing strong and beautiful. And we should not deny him his food. MOM prepared the basket with the Viands and next to her husband, dismissed the small. This is dismissed with a kiss on the forehead of her mother and one more in each cheek of his father. Soon his steps brought him to the path where the path that would take him to the sea passed.

He found others who had the same destination and joined them. It was not alone in that procession but if it was that traveled only. He kept the passing of elders and devoted himself to listen to conversations of travellers- & nbs p; Juan Bautista, it cannot be said a tall and burly man.Cut the head to this poet. There cannot be a preacher without a head because it horrorizaria the crowds and then nobody would listen to his message.- & nbsp; With head or headless Dios usa whom he wants could be Juan, or Elijah or Moses – & nbs p; Or could be, isn’t insane! For a moment I thought that it might be the same. God with man’s body-go occurrence! Well do not know who it is, but they say one thing is certain: this man will today make a bigger than all the previous ones – & nbsp; miracle It might be Juan. Remember that he was backed by God and surely the heavenly father could use his power to raise it from the dead and show this generation of vipers that your Messenger with its back- & nbs p; I agree with you mate.

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