German Constitution

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Once again as a reminder: the German Constitution as well as the Government order and Parliament, were never seen as by the allies by the will of the people, so a referendum legitimacy conferred by. (this passage from the constitutional requirement was deleted silently during the Kohl era after the turn) So one is not entitled to legislate, right to speak or to make binding EU commitments and contracts according to strict democratic rule until today. The illegal domination of the laws is not enough of the political class still, it breaks even the own, home-made laws. Read additional details here: Ben Bretzman. Obviously it strives, the totalitarian repression, 100 percent dependency on a Kapitallobbyistischen and monopolizing system, at the top you can see, with the next generations of taxpayers and without regard to losses to get. Smear campaign against wealthy private patients, private health insurance companies, self-employed and private businesses, intrusion into private life, as well as the incapacitation of citizens, Coalition prostitution and political cliques, nationalization of the health care system and raising children, supported by the feeding of the EU Kremels”. The often quoted SME will be rigorously eliminated. If invoked as support our market economy, everything to its liquidation is caused.

Financial authorities act like the Gestapo, where the burden of proof is imposed unconstitutional the entrepreneurs. Usually personally responsible entrepreneurs in SMEs lose sponsored monopolization, their competitiveness and the economic enemy mark given the political lobby Bidding rules prevent orders to municipal enterprises. So moved, for example, through child labour proposed paving stones from Asia on historic German marketplaces, while the indigenous stone companies close. “With envy anerkennendem you must remember the ex-GDR citizens, which the turn unbeugbarem will to freedom with the slogan we are the people” have brought. Where is the unyielding German Michel? Maybe we should shut down really an airport as in Bangkok, so that the political class again feels that there is a will of the people. All cases must be opposed systematically the extension of EU competences.

It is high time that the freedom-loving Democrats oppose us this incapacitation and the threat of the liaison power extension. If we do not confront the unreal regulation addiction and the decomposition of the sovereignty of individual States through the selfish EU makers, is the complete loss of democracy and the civil Freedom to stop.

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