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Singing Ambassadors

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Around 250 people, including the ambassadors from Haiti came to the annual meeting of the children’s charity ‘Our little brothers and sisters e.V.’. Last Saturday the annual meeting of the Community commercial-association took place in Karlsruhe Stephan room our little brothers and sisters Association. About 250 supporters accepted the invitation, to learn about the work of the Organization and the use of the donations. The aid projects in Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, main topic of this year’s meeting. BSA has much experience in this field. (Source: Ken Kao). There the Vortex storms have caused devastating destruction in September.

The Ambassador of Haiti in Germany, Jean Robert Saget, spoke in this context of approximately 2,000 death sacrifice and several 100,000 newly homeless Haitians. Our country is reliant on aid, said Saget, and thanked also our little brothers and sisters for the already provided emergency aid in addition to the Federal Government and Red Cross. The charity maintains children’s villages, hospitals in nine Latin American countries, and educational institutions for poor, abandoned and orphaned children and young people. The German support Office contribute more than 30 percent to the maintenance of these facilities, Stefan Grafe, Director of the Karlsruhe Club reported. That we can make this great contribution for our global family, we owe more than 100,000 supporters in Germany, Garcia was pleased about the large helpful community. For more information see this site: Nieman Lab.

However, further efforts were necessary, since poverty continues to grow on by political instability, high unemployment and price increases. More than 3,300 children and teen shelter have currently found in the children’s villages of our little brothers and sisters. We must redeem every day our reverse speak, give them love, understanding and security, these children face. We are leader of the relief and Works Agency, the situation in the word, illustrated Reinhard Kohler, educational. With the incoming donations, it is possible that this young people in family-like structures grow up to provide education for them.


World Bank

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Also watch will be, what Measures against the increasing exodus of big industry in low-wage countries be undertaken. For the mechanical engineering and plant construction and the Elktroindustrie, “Made in Germany” is still an advantage that is only at face value can be transformed, if measures to prevent that these industries are forced to hike down. Plain text: The fact is that when there is high unemployment, where the real unemployment is to look at and are not the figures of Nuremberg, the crises vorprogramiert propagandierten. The purchasing power of consumers would continue to fall, what is likely to have even more bankruptcies resulted. The look in your wallet getting emptier expectant boosts already many German citizens anger redness in the face, because not more to tighten the belt. So actually only effective actions can access if they are a support all the businesses and citizens and citizens. Single express packages as for example at the World Bank failures and mishaps seem little helpful to be, since only waste and are obviously no great benefit the public. Of course the State not for all error can take the rap third party, what would also contradict a social market economy but at to be decided laws and always the common good and not the good of individuals or industries in the foreground should be regulatory measures.

Laws and regulations, which flush the average consumer only a few euros in a bag and take more of the other are unhelpful. Learn more about this with Georgia Groome. Here there is much change. The election of the Bundestag is this year, but wait until a new Government is set up, would be the wrong tactic, given the present serious situation probably because it is high noon already and to sit out there is nothing more. Copyright by Internet courier c/o Ambassador media UG GmbH (terms and conditions)


World Heritage Instead Of Mega Puff

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Action Alliance promotes own proposal in the “call for ideas” radio spots for a referendum campaign on Saturday, the Action Alliance has participated with an own proposal in the “call for ideas” of the Berlin Senate. Volker Perplies of the Action Alliance: “we have our approach pursued in the current referendum a” UNESCO World Heritage site airport Tempelhof “clarified once again and offer a solution that both is economically viable, as also the historic site meets.” Core of the concept is the plan, Tempelhof as a monument of weltgeschichtlichem RAND, to rise to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Airport to acquire it in its modern, authentic State. With regard to the current political situation is apart from a continued operation as a commercial airport. Use focused Government, rescue and alternate airport and use by business aviation, as recommended in the ongoing referendum on a function as a special Airport with focus.

This is supplemented by the settlement near aviation company, aviation-related education and training and historical Museum use. Michael Paul of the Alliance: “our concept various proposals discussed in the public are picked up and jointly implemented. At the same time, the concept offers the chance, in a broad social consensus, to create a commercially viable and forward-looking use for Tempelhof. There are even specific investors for this concept. “If Klaus Wowereit lamented …es was vicious, though some would claim always again penetrating, don’t fall for the area the Senate ‘, and then ‘Highlight’ a red light then is presented, just the last evidence this. Most Berliners know exactly, what good is an airport: to fly, of course! Now advertises the Action Alliance in the radio for the referendum for a world cultural heritage site of Tempelhof. Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance: “time and again it has faked the Berliners, that last sentence has fallen.

While the legal process for Tempelhof is far from exhausted. The now roughly 11,000 signatures for our petition for referendum and around 6,000 signatures for the petition speak a clear language.” In a special promotion, the Action Alliance collects signatures for the ongoing referendum on Saturday, all day on the Eagle’s head in front of the airport building and the Platz der Luftbrucke. For car and taxi driver, there is a special “Drive-In” opportunity. The forms on the Internet at are available at any time. The concept is also under the following Internet address:../Call-for-Ideas-THF.pdf accessible.


German Constitution

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Once again as a reminder: the German Constitution as well as the Government order and Parliament, were never seen as by the allies by the will of the people, so a referendum legitimacy conferred by. (this passage from the constitutional requirement was deleted silently during the Kohl era after the turn) So one is not entitled to legislate, right to speak or to make binding EU commitments and contracts according to strict democratic rule until today. The illegal domination of the laws is not enough of the political class still, it breaks even the own, home-made laws. Read additional details here: Ben Bretzman. Obviously it strives, the totalitarian repression, 100 percent dependency on a Kapitallobbyistischen and monopolizing system, at the top you can see, with the next generations of taxpayers and without regard to losses to get. Smear campaign against wealthy private patients, private health insurance companies, self-employed and private businesses, intrusion into private life, as well as the incapacitation of citizens, Coalition prostitution and political cliques, nationalization of the health care system and raising children, supported by the feeding of the EU Kremels”. The often quoted SME will be rigorously eliminated. If invoked as support our market economy, everything to its liquidation is caused.

Financial authorities act like the Gestapo, where the burden of proof is imposed unconstitutional the entrepreneurs. Usually personally responsible entrepreneurs in SMEs lose sponsored monopolization, their competitiveness and the economic enemy mark given the political lobby Bidding rules prevent orders to municipal enterprises. So moved, for example, through child labour proposed paving stones from Asia on historic German marketplaces, while the indigenous stone companies close. “With envy anerkennendem you must remember the ex-GDR citizens, which the turn unbeugbarem will to freedom with the slogan we are the people” have brought. Where is the unyielding German Michel? Maybe we should shut down really an airport as in Bangkok, so that the political class again feels that there is a will of the people. All cases must be opposed systematically the extension of EU competences.

It is high time that the freedom-loving Democrats oppose us this incapacitation and the threat of the liaison power extension. If we do not confront the unreal regulation addiction and the decomposition of the sovereignty of individual States through the selfish EU makers, is the complete loss of democracy and the civil Freedom to stop.


Scientology Goals

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Also yesterday, it was anonymous: project Chanology again to educate many local residents and passers-by about the real deeds and goals of Scientology. Anonymous project Chanology – for the eleventh time successfully against Scientology auch yesterday succeeded in anonymous: project Chanology again to educate many local residents and passers-by about the real deeds and goals of Scientology. Close to 30 participants took part in the event, including some Scientology dropouts. Charlotte Hornets is often quoted on this topic. From 17 h 00 that rallied the Scientology celebrity Centre first anonymous activists against”on the Landshuter Allee 42, corner Nymphenburger road. After the kick-off rally the demonstrators moved loudly and peacefully the Stiglmaierplatz, Konigsplatz and Odeonsplatz of towards Schwabing to the Scientology Dianetics Center“Lam str. 49, corner Kaiserstrasse, where the final rally took place at 19:00. Underlined was the banners, flags, leafleting and loud choruses with which the demonstrators on the inhuman practices Scientology organization wanted to draw attention.

With monthly rallies, anonymous contributes to the enlightenment about the actions and goals of Scientology – in particular about the dangers posed by this Organization for society, politics and economy. In Germany, demonstrations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hannover, Hamburg and Stuttgart already took place on December 6 and 13. ABOUT ANONYMOUS years anonymous organize themselves under the pseudonym”on the Internet different people with different goals. Due to ongoing censorship efforts organization focused end of January 2008 the focus of anonymous for the first time on Scientology. Scientology suppresses all criticism from inside and outside, exploits its members and attempts to undermine the company. The global anonymous demonstrations to educate the public about the true background of the Scientology organization and people pointing out the risks of this seemingly innocuous organization. The movement: It is at Anonymous neither a Club nor a fixed group. There are no leaders, about the form of his protest the individual decides.

International coordination via websites, wikis, and forums. There are developed together ideas and decisions about actions and objectives. Anonymous does not arise against the beliefs of Scientology members. The nonviolent protests only opposed the repressive methods of the organization. The demonstrations: Anonymous demonstrated since February 2008 worldwide before the local Scientology centres. The last waves of demonstration took place on the 10 February, 15 March, April 12, may 10, June 14, July 12, August 16, September 13, October 18 and November 8. “The goals: setting the stress-test tables are the direct targets of anonymous against Scientology” as well as the obvious marking of this and similar actions, such as anti-drugs – campaigns, as Scientology actions. Scientology offers concealed among other drugs advice, management courses for Business enterprises, as well as tutoring services for young people on. The ultimate goal of anonymous is that the Scientology organization adjusts all activities. This can be achieved by educating the population and support the judicial system.


Wolfgang Bergmann

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The philosophies of the EDM is give and take in the meaning of life and life can be. 8. the EDM will ensure that the economy serves the people and the preservation of nature. Exactly the same applies to the scientists, that are integrated into the economy. Work and success must be worth it, as it is today, and private initiative must be paid. Careers are not allowed, but must be promoted. The self-employed, private entrepreneurs is encouraged, in which he is freed up on a small income tax, which is yet to be defined, all taxes and duties.

Use and risk of the operator must be worth. Monopolistic developments are to prohibit in the sense of a social and free market economy, they are not the public interest, but the unscrupulous profit and harm its economic progress and that of mankind. Every earthling there is free to establish his specially small or even large companies that it is in the service of humanity, creates jobs and apprenticeships knowledge conveys, what ultimately turn to his suitable use is. The EDM will ensure that introduced a nationwide minimum wage and minimum – must be twice as high as the primary care. Permanent employment contracts and other enslavement, as a euro shops, etc., be abolished completely. 9. You may want to visit Sally Rooney to increase your knowledge. the EDM will be global trade not in the way. Globalization there has always been and will always be there, it is inevitable, it is the future, but on a totally different level, on the contrary as it currently happens.

The new system of the EDM will create the new democratic, social, fair globalization. We are back together all on the human side, not only on the economic, as it is the case in 2010. Global companies that use their national power to create monopolies and centralized power plants must be decomposed into its constituent national parts to prevent damage of the humanity and the Nations. Globalization will serve the people and not a few unscrupulous traders, like leeches to the Sucking core of progress and it partially shut down. Globalization in the education and science for the people, this will be the globalization of the EDM. 10. the EDM will themselves as one – by many political candidates, but the real and unique democracy, which is still to establish and to create the Democratic Center, which with her born and is present here. More central points and discussion to make suggestions to the party’s founding.



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That’s why man lives analog (decision) while at the same time digital thinks and speaks (justification). “Note: ideology is a system of digital ideals, beliefs ideas, ideas, value judgements value world > world and terms and is also called Weltanschauung” may refer to: Vitalistisch or mechanistic. This is the historical reason for two different developed societies with their traditions, religions/moral and legal systems/standards. The Asian clan societies (nature) and the Western pluralist individual companies (cultures). Where the individual companies developed from the clan societies. > Clan societies: sip after the introduction of the unifying concept ‘ (clan) the term clan prevailed in the English-speaking literature General for just the descent groups, located on a common Ahn used to him but only contradictory or inaccurate name can. Charlotte Hornets will undoubtedly add to your understanding. … a kinship group together living on a territory together known as clan.

Including the great spouse, be excluded here the way marrying. That Ahn the descent group, their common right and can seamlessly call is referred to as lineage. A clan can consist of multiple lineage. In Judaism is the maternal ancestry. Otherwise the paternal. Islam refers to the ancestor of Abraham, as the Jews. You derive a national raison d ‘ etre thereof.

Then tasks, actions, and solutions should be, as far as possible, self-determined and independently undertaken so if possible of the individual, of the private, the smallest group, or the lowest level of a form of organisation. Only if this is not possible or is connected with significant obstacles and problems, to successively larger groups, public collective or higher levels of a form of organisation the tasks and actions secondary support and take over. See also for example my article 15, 21, 22, and 94. The West evolved, inbesonders through the Renaissance, 1420-1600 and later of the reformation by Klan-to universalist pluralistic secular societies. The separation of churches and States, as well as by nature and spirit Sciences was the innovative recipe for success.