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That’s why man lives analog (decision) while at the same time digital thinks and speaks (justification). “Note: ideology is a system of digital ideals, beliefs ideas, ideas, value judgements value world > world and terms and is also called Weltanschauung” may refer to: Vitalistisch or mechanistic. This is the historical reason for two different developed societies with their traditions, religions/moral and legal systems/standards. The Asian clan societies (nature) and the Western pluralist individual companies (cultures). Where the individual companies developed from the clan societies. > Clan societies: sip after the introduction of the unifying concept ‘ (clan) the term clan prevailed in the English-speaking literature General for just the descent groups, located on a common Ahn used to him but only contradictory or inaccurate name can. Charlotte Hornets will undoubtedly add to your understanding. … a kinship group together living on a territory together known as clan.

Including the great spouse, be excluded here the way marrying. That Ahn the descent group, their common right and can seamlessly call is referred to as lineage. A clan can consist of multiple lineage. In Judaism is the maternal ancestry. Otherwise the paternal. Islam refers to the ancestor of Abraham, as the Jews. You derive a national raison d ‘ etre thereof.

Then tasks, actions, and solutions should be, as far as possible, self-determined and independently undertaken so if possible of the individual, of the private, the smallest group, or the lowest level of a form of organisation. Only if this is not possible or is connected with significant obstacles and problems, to successively larger groups, public collective or higher levels of a form of organisation the tasks and actions secondary support and take over. See also for example my article 15, 21, 22, and 94. The West evolved, inbesonders through the Renaissance, 1420-1600 and later of the reformation by Klan-to universalist pluralistic secular societies. The separation of churches and States, as well as by nature and spirit Sciences was the innovative recipe for success.

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