Terezin – Moments Of Convergence

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An impressive exhibition of the Munster-based painter Helena METZMACHER Theresienstadt – moments of convergence is the title of an impressive exhibition of the Munster-based painter Helena Metzmacher, opened today in the civic Auditorium of the Government President on Piazza Duomo 1-3. “The 15 paintings picture cycle, after a visit to the camp at Theresienstadt / / Terezin was founded, sees itself as a still unsuccessful attempt of tackling Helena Metzmacher.” Connected with the theme of the exhibition, which traces found by the seminar for religious education and practical theology of the Evangelical faculty at the University of Munster in collaboration with the society for Christian Jewish cooperation Munster e.V. and the Club e.V.”will be held, are several accompanying educational projects organized by schools and cultural institutions. The exhibition is open from the 7th to 18th November. Without hesitation movie actress explained all about the problem. Helena Metzmacher made it clear on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, that their Images not with the concerns emerged publicly exhibit them. It was rather the attempt, creatively to handle the driving deeply after the visit, disturbing and uberfordernden impressions. Literally METZMACHER: still I have trouble to integrate these logistics of the atrocities of unprecedented reality and thus also as potential future reality into my consciousness. The Holocaust mediated through Terezin was and is my ideas of the people, by the human so terribly in question, because he exposed a possible in human nature which we previously had no idea of we wish you, they may not be.” Finally a thought of Theodor Adorno have they however agree with this exhibition.

The Holocaust, Adorno wrote did out a new categorical imperative reasons: then it applies to act that Auschwitz (understands the name on behalf of the Holocaust) is never again possible (negative education”). A peculiarity of the extraordinary project represents the large number of accompanying educational projects which have been agreed on the occasion of the exhibition of various schools and cultural institutions in Munster. In addition to a religion course belong to painting and theater projects, as well as a musical theme evening. “A city tour of Munster, titled places of Jewish life in Munster” and a synagogue tour complement the extensive accompanying programme, which will be implemented until the 18 November. Elixir of life is information on the career as a painter painting for me since my childhood”, so Helena Metzmacher describes their own stance on the subject of art. First taught them of her grandfather, a pupil of Franz von Stuck. During his studies (art and German), METZMACHER was then student in Prof.

monkeys hype and also briefly with Prof. Ruckriem. The pictorial content of Helena Metzmacher are influenced by the dispute with Eastern and Western philosophy and literature. Also play Greek mythology, comparative religion, and cosmic evolution a central role. Since about 1990, the artist designed pictures series on special topics like E.g. to Theresienstadt, the Apocalypse and the idea of Vanitas (vanitas vanitatum).

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