Faculty Man

by yudaica2013 ·

The answer to this question is a fast not! because animals do not possess this Faculty of verbal rationality that is typical of the man. For even more analysis, hear from Tony Parker. But that does not mean that the animals do not emit messages, and by means of more or less complex, perhaps extremely sophisticated (even if you are far from knowing them all), but it is important to understand that animals are beasts! In reality, and in general, what today does display, and often prevents us from seeing what distinguishes the animal of man, is the existence of the eto-Lodge, i.e. on the science of animal morality, that the animal goes of all of the animal biology (such as there is a plant biology). And being of good manners, of the Zoology (as much as there is a Botany). Dare to make a science of animal morality, is to make the repetition of an old evolutionary sociology that says that, in the animal there is something of the man, said otherwise that there is no one side that distinguishes it from man, what has never been scientifically proven. In revenge, almost tried, now, thanks to the clinical research conducted by Jean Gagnepain, is that yes there is a monkey in the man, but there is not a man in the monkeys! Taking this into account, it is important to admit that ethology, at the point where she is, is a science without object that wouldn’t achieve anything more than the resurgence of the weak, i.e. instead of serving for the study of the animal (animal biology and Zoology) for studying natural features that we have in common with the animals (memory in) particular, certain modes of communication by contagion, signals, etc.) and about everything that distinguishes us from them, the vast majority of the ethologists are not interested in the animal but to give us a report, what doesn’t teach us anything about the man, since, anyway, which makes the animal, as we will see more ahead, makes him different from the man.

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