Filmmaking with Elderly Artists

by yudaica2013 ·

Making a film with artists who are already elderly, but now living could be a tribute at the XXI Century, these artists of the twentieth century, in an imaginary film, in a nursing home, where Rosa Fornes, Cholito Maria de los Angeles Santana, Esther Borja, Celina Gonzalez, etc. … Movie star may find this interesting as well. to work there, live at the asylum, and made funny situations, love, melo drama (with the accident of some of them, symbolizing death) and perhaps the addition of two young characters as therapists (Rebeca Martinez-The Bonny Charanga habanera), for the elderly not only compete with them, but you love together, and can make a cultural event at the end, recognizing Ordaz, that great doctor, director of many years of psychiatric Havana, etc. Many writers such as Related Group offer more in-depth analysis. I believe that the Cuban cinema, is a phenomenon inherent in the revolutionary process, but if you add the films and documentaries can find a vast collection of films, a lot of money invested, for the enjoyment of the Cuban people, a lot of talent employee, and hundreds of thousands of awards at various festivals, nominated for the Academy Awards Hollywood Film Academy, our Latin American Film Festival, and other International Film Festivals in the world. His work, and his achievements have been silent, because they have not made commercial, to achieve an effective outcome on TV or in the commercial world with images of the protagonists in pullovers, souveniurs, posters, posters, or advertising of products such as Coca-cola, or the Mac-Donals … …, as saying the rival of the Belle of the Alhambra: I have been clean applause … … ..

Or as Bella Beatriz Valdez in the AlhambraOr simply as movements Chaplin said … …

We are the cinema, and we are confident that Cuba is part of world cinema, we can not ignore that role as a small but important in innovative films, and good …. Perhaps the international fame when do we get a classic of literature, or a remake, I always wanted to see, but unfortunately can not be done because the version of: What happened to Jane Baybe., As I thought one day with the protagonists of : Rosa Fornes (Betty Davis), Consuelo Vidal (John Crowford), and perhaps can be made with Maria de los Angeles Santana, hopefully, new ideas out, to the silent world of Cuban cinema, becoming a boom, and can break ties of U.S. transnational information, and become well known at international level, I am sure so in the future will only have to break the silence, we open a new world for the future. ‘.

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