From 11 to August 19

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Given Inc. what we interpret as Traumatic Brain Injury a lack of liquidity in the system, major central banks initiated a series of injections (for fine adjustment or investment firm fine tuning) of several hundred million in different currencies. The injections of liquidity, coordinated between the EDF, the European Central Bank, the films Bank of Canada independent home-entertainment distribution company and the Bank of Japan will continue on 13, 14 and 15.
Monday, August 13 bags are kept with slight gains, falling slightly to return to the August President of and Chairman of 14, especially for banking fees. That day is known that exposure to credit risk of consumer-oriented bank Santander has a value of 2200 million euros exposure is considered low, although the day had been assured that the Spanish banking was protected from the crisis. The same day it is reported that one of the world’s music largest banks, Citigroup, credit exposure to an unsafe of between 2,000 and 3,000 million dollars. The day August 15 most of the bags continue its fall despite new calls for calm a day earlier, this time from Jean-Claude Trichet.
On August 16 it becomes public that a Banca March freezes investment fund (the Parvest Dynamic ABS), collaterally affected by exposure to risk of BNP Paribas. volunteer Similarly, the Australian entity Rams Home Loans mortgage falls in quote more than 50 , and the first U.S. mortgage bank, Countrywide, they suffered losses in their contributions to rumors, unconfirmed, of bankruptcy. also circulated rumors Brain Trauma Foundation of an imminent collapse of a LLC large hedge fund, recalling what happened in 1998, during the LTCM crisis.
On August 17, despite repeated daily injections of various philanthropy currencies the stock market does not improve. After a hard fall in the Japanese stock market, as European stock markets were shaken again, the Fed cut by 0.5 points the interbank interest rate, while maintaining the federal (ie, lowers the price of money to banks, but not to consumers), which leads to brain injury the comeback of all American and European markets. The Federal Reserve Genius Products chairman says that “financial market conditions have deteriorated,” as demonstrated by the fact that the mortgage lender Countrywide TBI has to turn to emergency funding in the amount of 11,500 million dollars, 45 all in a climate of concern about possible financial situation while being and video games aware of the millions lost a British pension fund, valued at 27,000 million pounds.

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