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New Jumbo stamp on stamp-Wolf WINS, September 14, 2009: Now, the nationwide global supplier of stamp-Wolf the new Jumbo generation of trodat professional line supplies included a laser-engraved stamp plate rubber. The Trodat professional completes the product portfolio upward 5211 text stamps and has a footprint dimension of 85 x 55 mm. This new, large “Jumbo” Professional is available as a text stamp with up to 14 lines (instead of date maximum 12 lines in the model of 5208). And in addition as well as date-text stamps available. In the online shop, it is easily possible, according to individual font type and size – also in connection with a company logo. The known advantages of ProFi-line advantages of ProFi-line of course also apply to the new models. These automatic stamps with built-in pillow cases are made of ergonomic anti-slip protection included.

The robust steel core as well as the positioning frame for an exact position of stamp is one of the other quality characteristics. The Coverage ensures clean finger in the daily setting of the date in the date stamp. Soon, the jumbo stamp as the Typomatic Typomatic models are available. These stamps allow you to create individual texts and in particular as soon change. Love to stamp-Wolf advises customers and prospective customers in writing or personally about the new Jumbo-ProFi-line, so that the user can stamp just fine.

About stamp-Wolf. Stamp on stamp-Wolf individual, technology for any purpose is the motto of stamp-Wolf from Siegen/Germany. This is implemented by the traditionally run family business for over 75 years. The company has many years of experience and first-class employees make for satisfied customers! Stamps and accessories from A to Z of the manufacturer’s stamp-Wolf set – for private individuals, trade and commerce as well as in the industry. With advanced laser technology, exact stamp on customer requests and requirements are matched, manufactured, and shipped nationwide. A Stamp service to stamp systems completes the offer. Since May 2009, an online-shop is integrated. Here, the layout can be easily created for the individual stamps. The advantage for all users: Every online order, the customer receives 10% E-Commerce discount and low shipping costs are another plus. The family-owned company from Siegen is longtime Trodat premium partner. Many also on request with logo are immediately and reasonably priced available – all Trodat products. In the shop, prospects and customers will find the complete selection in all colors and shapes. About Trodat the Trodat company is an Austrian producer for stamps in nearly all sizes – with most built-in ink. Brand names by Trodat are actually Printy and professional – Trodat Printy and Trodat professional line. Only the products from the classic line are hand stamp will require an additional stamp pads. Still, trodat stamping inks, pads and holders are offered. Trodat was founded by Franz Just in 1912 and is today According to its own representation around the world number 1 for marking products with many international awards for innovative product developments. Offices confirm the high quality and customer acceptance in many countries around the world.

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