Hard Rock And His Audience

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Hard Rock Hard Rock (born 'hard' – 'hard'). Originally – the energetic and hard rock and roll early rockers – especially in comparison with 'sweet' sounds of pop stars early '60s. In an era of merci-bit blues boom of psychedelia – all over 60 – Hard Rock was 'a disgrace', but always found an audience. In the late 60's his aggressive and dynamic sound, amplified sound of the keyboard (previously hard-rock guitars costing) and slightly 'ennobled' use of elements art-rock and blues rhythm-melodic formulas become newly relevant and popular. Bound up in one flank with progressive rock, but on the other – hard-line supporters of traditional boogie, hard rock has survived seventies, although at the end of the decade in time lost the audience, but three years later revived 'in the' movement HARD-AND-heavy.

Hard Rock – the musical direction of reputation in the 60s, 70s. Hard Rock – a term often used to refer to any variety of loud, aggressive guitar rock, but in this case, we give a more detailed definition. To be precise, hard-rock really is a loud, aggressive guitar rock, but not so hard to be metal, and has very little borrowing from punk (though he is one of the influences on the punk). In general, hard-rock guitar riffs known for loud, allowing groups act in large stadiums, a kind of choral singing, stamping and jostle around the stage with the rhythm of music. He pursues commercial goals usually (though not in all cases) and is mainly of a male character.

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