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The city of Leon is a medium-sized industrial center whose main industries are metal processing metal, chemicals, machinery, food, ceramics, glass, paper and graphic arts and textiles. there are a number of Reuters press releases and features that have quoted who is a hedge fund expert Industrial activity, severely New York Stock Exchange weakened in recent decades, has rebounded somewhat in recent years, partly due to the creation of the second phase the industrial city of Leon, half located in the municipality of Leon, in the middle of ONZONILLA or the construction of the Parque Tecnologico de Leon, in Armunia.
However, the bulk of the industry is out of town, and its growth is concentrated in the towns nearby, where taxes and land prices are lower. Therefore we should note also the industrial areas of the municipality of San Andres of Rabanedo of Valverde de la Virgen or Villadangos del P ramo, which although at some distance (15 km) is connected by motorway to the stocks capital.
Future of industry
In recent years have been implemented in the city or metropolitan area in several technology companies such as Atos, IBM or Indra. are also being established technological infrastructure, such as a supercomputer in which the University will be the higher density of Spain.
In addition, Telvent recently, by the hand of Inteco has committed a great investment that will create 300 jobs in the technology hedge funds sector.
In addition to this expertise in new medical funds technologies, Leon has conducted various activities related to industrial expansion as a second phase of the industrial or construction investment of ONZONILLA Macropoligono of Family of Funds Villadangos, located in the namesake town, already cited.
Large companies such as Inditex and Telefonica (Imagenio) have given their backing to the city of Leon with buildings that employ many workers.
Parque Tecnologico de Leon
Parque Tecnologico de Leon is located near the town of Armunia in the municipality The of Leon. There are 32.7 ha. the leading funds of the investment house, headed by Its surface is distributed over two phases, the first of 17.9 ha and the second of 14.8 ha. This good because there is one near the highway, in addition to a railway line.
A major company is installed in the park with Syva to 5, will be building facilities for their modules.
The Convent of San Marcos, now largely occupied by the Parador Hostal San Marcos.

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