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Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a ceo recruiter Although familiar with the term entrepreneur, we should be focusing on other definitions than at any time can be confusing, as the entrepreneurial, venture and enterprise. Also bear in mind that not every entrepreneur is an staff entrepreneur. Is then denoted the fundamental terms that support these concepts: entrepreneur entrepreneur or entrepreneurial called a person who identifies an sales jobs opportunity and organizes the resources needed to implement it. It is common to use this term to refer to a “a person who creates a Companye” or finding a business opportunity, or someone who starts a project on their own initiative. Also called social entrepreneurs to enterprising person undergoing equally the creation of other types of organizations or institutions are not necessarily consultants commercial, eg civic, social, or political. This is because the act to take on if it is not only characteristic jobs in of the business or trade, but agency that is transverse to the twenty-first century society. A case “mixed” is that of enterprises or social entrepreneurs who seek to generate economic benefits to the couple to have developed an approach to enhance human welfare that goes beyond economics. COMPANY The company is the socio-economic unit, with profit, in which capital, labor and the address coordinate to perform a socially useful production, according to the requirements of the common good. The elements needed to form a company are: capital, labor and material resources. Current employer is meant by a person who collects individually or also those collegiate organs, which take the decisions necessary human resources for the attainment of predetermined objectives that depend on the interest groups present in companies. In private companies, these pressure groups are formed by the owners or shareholders, directors and managers and workers. As we have management jobs seen, there are also social part time jobs entrepreneurs. To be an entrepreneur we need to know us, we want, who we are, what are our qualities (innate or acquired), with whom we associate, to products readily available in our environment, and transform it. All the above suggests that we acquire a culture that allows us to be excellent entrepreneurs Culture of Entrepreneurship is the set of values, beliefs, ideologies, habits, customs and norms shared by a group of people towards entrepreneurship, which arise in social intercourse, which generate collective behavior patterns and establishes an identity between its members and identifies it and unlike other grupo.Formacion for training for entrepreneurship EmprendimientoLa seeks to develop the enterprise culture based actions training in basic skills, labor, civic and business within the education job search system and formal and its articulation with the productive sector. Principles for developing culture of the enterprise 1. Comprehensive education on issues and values such as the comprehensive development of man and community, self-esteem, autonomy, sense of belonging to the agencies community, teamwork, solidarity, association, developing a taste for innovation, encouraging research and permanente.2 learning. Strengthening Partnership working processes and equipment, part time production projects around social.3 responsibly. Recognition of the conscience, the right and responsibility for the development of people as individuals and as members of a community.4.

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