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and learning facilitation strategies Our facilitation and consulting, using consultants the machinery of ‘systemic approach and Multivariate’. To strengthen the synergy part time jobs of variables human assets, technology, processes and organizational structure for the benefit of the organization and the environment. Also, workshops are held through a wholly facilitation ‘Sociological’, that is, with absolute respect for individuality and the groups involved, allowing management jobs participants to surrender ‘only’ the information, experiences and personal experiences and / or professional them ‘responsible’ and as ‘Volunteer’, willing to share with peers and facilitators, which supports the objective of achieving a ‘Learning Experience’ participatory and reflective. The development of the experience is flexible, adjusting and adapting to the needs which the participants are showing no out of focus on specific objectives. During that period, develop techniques of examination, discussion, analysis of specific situations, exhibitions, reading, thoughtful content, short video, keyword, behavioral stimuli and teamwork ( ‘Approach Strings’), in order to impact the ‘Awareness’ (The realization or awareness) of learning partners in order to mobilize them towards a greater commitment to assume personal and work challenges. The facilitation approach applies the following trends of applied psychology to the instructional area sales jobs The current constructivist instructional area of psychology, according to which learning is optimal to the extent that the subject can go about building the information and their meanings along all the instructional process, according to their individual way agency of perceiving reality. The principle of experiential learning Perls, for whom learning occurs to the extent that the subject can live out and act the information. The current istica Neuroling Programming jobs in (NLP), for which the learning process is given by neural associations between words, gestures, images sensory (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic Kinesthetic) and emotions (Primary: Cholera , joy, fear and sadness Secondary: Love, surprise, cock enza and aversion). The Triune Brain Model, which believes that learning is optimal when the instructional process considers methodologies for the harmonica actuacion of different brain systems. The Learning Principle Norman, according to which the subject requires opportunity to accumulate, process agencies and then incorporate the information, being more efficient is learning according to the learner sufficient time to cover each of these steps with a manageable amount of information. staff The Collective intelligence, which is based, inter alia, that the team can extract intelligence from each member, bringing the intelligence of the team human resources is greater than each of its components. Seminars, Courses, Workshops and Conferences 1 .- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development The overall part time objective is to inform, sensitize, alert, and to induce aa advise companies in the job search management of social initiatives and identification of strategies to add value to your competitiveness. UN to consider Panama as one of the countries for the promotion and development of CSR, which marks the beginning of the path to the adoption of this theme.

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