Investments In Ships And Renewable Energy

by yudaica2013 ·

The concept of closed real estate should be familiar to many of her name. However, there are also other types of closed-end funds. What are actually closed-end funds? Closed-end funds are nothing more than companies with a specific investment projects, which can participate investors. The term “closed” is because these companies or funds to collect investors’ money as long as the required investment capital until they have together. Thereafter, the fund is closed, that is, new investors are no longer included. The returns of closed-end funds is negligible compared with time deposits from banks are generally very abundant. However, is of course also to involve business interests, which presents some risks. Besides the already mentioned property funds in Germany are mainly in the form of shipping funds distributed by closed-end ship funds. The purpose of a ship or the shipping funds holding company is acquiring a merchant vessel and its operation in order to achieve ongoing revenue. At the end(Liquidation) of a ship fund will ship on the second hand after a long period or sold on the scrap market. During the lifetime of the ship fund investors receive the dividends from the proceeds, and at the end of their share of the proceeds of the ship. An achievement of the recent past are closed-end funds that invest in projects in renewable energy. With the climate change debate and support through the Renewable Energy Act, such participation models have come into focus of investors. The practical in closed-end funds that invest in solar, wind, bio-energy or investing is that you can earn the same money and the investment also benefits the environment. An example of such a closed-end fund is a biogas fund. The object of investment of such funds is to build a plant in which animal excreta and vegetable wastes are converted into biogas. The biogas is driven by a motor that generates electricity through a generator. The generated electricity is for theRenewable Energy Act regulated handsome compensation to the regional power company sold. Thus biogas plants are a lucrative investment property. Whether investing in real estate, ships or renewable energies: the case of closed fund, you should carefully examine the various offerings. Because unfortunately there are some black sheep among the providers of closed-end funds. If you have found the right funds, the investment can pay off, however.

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