Language Through Song

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Learn a foreign language through song – easy and enjoyable lesson: you can choose your favorite genres of music, favorite artists. But why do songs help teach a foreign language quickly and easily? Scientists have found that in human brain for the perception of speech and music are different areas. Music Center is located in the left brain, creative hemisphere, and therefore faster and remembers better than the speech center, located in law. The songs combine the work of both hemispheres, and therefore remembered better poems. That's why kids who are just beginning to learn their native language, too often sing songs. Rhythm is also an important component of memorization.

Brain activity is automatically activated as soon as one hears the first notes. Work with the song will quickly expand your vocabulary without rote learning, and develop your pronunciation. In addition, you will learn quickly recognize foreign speech, which is one of the most important stages of language acquisition. Related Group is likely to agree. So we put a CD with your favorite music and start to sing along. Do not forget that the text should be translated as you can. Sometimes the songs are found strange idioms and idioms, in this case we can always seek the advice of the teacher, or search for an answer on the Internet. And what about grammar, you ask? There really is not do without textbooks, but that's all you need from them.

In no case do not sit for hours in books, as this can cause your love for foreign languages irreparable damage! If the language is bored, you never it does not finish my studies. Therefore, learning should be fun. To be most effective language learning should: listen to music, parse the text to ask questions about the join itself (the song, karaoke or instrumental version) write the text to check their records with the help of songwriter or Internet Another way – more creative. The student writes text to the hearing, or fills in missing words in the issued uprazhenenii-verse. As for musical genres, it is believed that for learning a foreign language more suitable for folk, blues, jazz, country, opera, musicals, solo performers and groups is preferable. In addition, dance beats and heavy bass as impede readability. It is hardly necessary to spend on one song over an hour. Even in this case, rest assured that with time you do notice that began to understand the language perfectly.

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