Mandala And Tarot As Circles Of Life

by yudaica2013 ·

The cards are placed in a circle leaving the definitive answer in the solar Center, this is not by chance, but after knowing the meaning of the query is passed to know those aspects that concerned the consultant most recently the verdict which must be followed. This method differs sometimes from others by its wisdom in terms of specific questions. The first letter of the Tarot refers to the attitude and energy to the environment that surrounds the person in those moments, also corresponds to the image that has the consultant himself and the role that plays to difficult situations, both to others and to himself. The following cards of the Tarot are transmitting messages on material expectations and financial (it is noteworthy that in these moments where society attends an economic decline, this system pull the Tarot cards is increasingly more requested), in regard to finances reveal situations very clear about both gains and losses. The Mandala is very accurate in as for professional communications, tells us the importance given to the efforts that have to do with labour issues. The Tarot cards and their solar circle are the epicenter of all taken from letters. Excessively distant situations cannot be predicted without making a review of the circle of life consultant, passing if needed by the most hidden of its existence corners since it will be very likely that with this accurate system demos a return to life of the consultant in such a way that we can give advice about situations that worry you. The Charter of Tarot that is situated in the center of the circle will tell us the essential core that will make aware the inner potential of the person that went to Chuck of the Tarot cards with the only purpose of knowing what the future holds for him. Berta de la Torre original author and source of the article


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