MATHEMATICS Understanding

by yudaica2013 ·

This work very must some people, for diverse reasons, then I would like to be thankful mainly: The GOD, for having given to all the necessary blessings to me, beyond everything, health, force to aguentar the dawns in clearly and much courage to continue always in front. My familiar ones for stimulating uninterruptedly me in the studies and, consequentemente, the search of the knowledge, since the most moved away until next, as it is the case of my Alzira Grandmother, who always helped me very, mainly financially, with regard to the studies. My Alair mother, fort and warrior, gave the best conditions to me of life, transforming me into a true citizen, knowing to respect the differences, exactly, to the times, not agreeing to them. My Elysngela sister, who always espelhou itself in me of special form, always searching a control point in the hours of difficulty in the studies, mainly in the exercises of the college in it disciplines of Mathematics..


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