by yudaica2013 ·

If one day will be sad, Not if it discourages It leaves to roll in the eyes a tear, heart one prece and the mouth a poetry Therefore the ones are not cowards that cry for love, But yes the ones that they from fear do not love crying. The ways of the life do not take me as I wanted. The roads of my heart Make as many curves. I cover the way of the solitude, Desperate, sad, inconsolvel. I do not know what to make, the sky fell down on me, the world gave the coasts to me. The fear of the walked one, the fear of looking at pra front, consumes me to Everything. It does not have nobody looking at for me possessed me to the egoism.

My friend is pain. As the ways of the life are obscure. As we are egoistic in as much fondness. How not to fear? The abysses that wait in them. How to dream? If to each step it has a rock and in each flower, a thorn. When and as we will reach the true happiness EWALD KOCH


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