Nonresidential Real Estate Fund

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Translation to non-sufficient fund new and popular service provided by companies in the market ., for a transfer to non-residential premises fund significantly increased its commercial value. This can be understand, even after analyzing the market rent of residential and non-residential premises, located on the first floor doma.Drugoy question of how to use the translated space. Check with Jessica Michibata to learn more. When translating to non-fund is composed of technical Finally, the project re-planning, project reconstruction works (if the changes affected the front side), a redevelopment project, there are sections specifically applicable to the selected functional purpose, as well project must comply with all regulatory standards and pravilam.Eto requirement is necessary not just to go through the approval procedure and transfer to non-fund and to enter the facility (restaurant, dental clinic, fitness center and so on.) commissioned. There are restrictions on architectural changes in space, translating to non-fund, but usually they are not significant and there are ways to address these issues, together with a team of architects, Designers and td. technical difficulties, such as the presence of a gas pipe in the translated indoors.

The gas must be removed, dismantled pipe, if you can not dismantle the pipe in non-residential premises, Mosgaz has the ability to remove it, but in this case must be harmonized with the neighbors and this procedure is quite expensive, about 300.000 usd at present moment.Suschestvuet number of limitations governed by the Housing Code. Currently, there are legal acts in Moscow, making adjustments and additional restrictions on the transfer of housing stock in .Mnogie limitations does not make sense to list for one simple reason, many of them contradict the Housing Code, which is unacceptable. The Moscow City Government publishes regulations, trying to harmonize the regulatory framework of Moscow to the Housing Code, but in practice it until impossible for one simple reason: artists in the field or because of their ignorance or for whatever other reasons and are deliberately slow down on violations . Moscow introduced a system one window, personally I think it is better not become .Naoborot, if until recently it was possible to consult with the executor in place to take the comments, make changes to the project and not a great escape Thanks, it is now only accept the heads of departments, heads of departments and in many cases, when the issue can be resolved by legal means, decided he did not quite . lawyers already coined the term, which referred to such officials, "Anchors". In what state regulatory environment is changing, 2 times a year? I think that would be rather difficult to answer this vopros.Tak or another, but the translation process delayed by some companies or real estate agencies, but the end-user services remains powerless and do nothing can not change the legal framework: To avoid problems when the global order such as translation services to non-fund the most appropriate contract with the organization under the phased execution. It is clear that no organization will start the procedure for transfer without receipt of the account advance payment, but the amount of down payment and the stages after which the Principal or the customer pays the work must be reasonable.

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