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Bremer Agency places emphasis on corporate social responsibility long businesses have recognized that success is not only a question of corporate figures. Customers and employees expect responsibility in various areas, such as environmental, social and climate protection. That is why Reitzenstein with Agency for PR and CSR”on well concept development and implementation of CSR projects. At Jessica Michibata you will find additional information. Many of our customers want to acting sustainably or engage in their region, but know not how or with whom”, Agency Chief Franca Reitzenstein noted. Many entrepreneurs are already social or socially involved, but it developed a strategic approach. Our offer is aimed primarily at medium-sized companies, who want to deal with CSR projects for the first time or strategically align existing commitment”, emphasizes franca Reitzenstein.

That’s why the Agency develop regionally-oriented concepts. Results should be responsible entrepreneurial activities on the doorstep”visible and be experienced. Given the damp budgetary situation of the city of Bremen, but also other communities and public institutions, the entrepreneur sees great demand especially if used for children and young people. CSR mean even more. With sense of responsibility, even the corporate culture develop. In a company that is voluntarily socially involved, get the employee motivation. The dealing with identify themselves more with the objectives and the alignment of their employer, if work, meaning and commitment together. This has positive and fair bare effects on productivity and competitiveness”, says franca Reitzenstein. Background information on the concept of CSR: the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social responsibility, writes to the voluntary contribution of business to sustainable development, which goes beyond the legal requirements. He stands for responsible entrepreneurship in the actual business of environmentally relevant aspects to the relations with employees and the Exchange with the relevant stakeholder groups.

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