PC Fair 2009

by yudaica2013 ·

I read with interest the article by Five Days: Companies who pamper their former employees. The sarawak paper explains the common practice of some companies, including Deloitte, to maintain ties with their former employees. This is to nurture the hotel relationship is not lost. This is the occasion for activities, meetings, web pages are organized expressly for these colectivos’Todo a show of interest. This contrasts with the classical view of an employee who leaves jalan or ‘you are’, cursing the company, while trying to belittle their work, as if it had never been employed by the perak same. The truth is that in Spain these practices seem limited melaka to professional services firms celcom (lawyers, consultants, auditors) of company great size. directory And multinationals are primarily of foreign origin. It is unfortunate that the example does not kuching cunda, extending our bull hide. I made copy, copy the good practice and perniagaan not accountants enronianas simulations. The article points out networking as the ultimate end that drives business. The former employees, especially those leaving those professional services firms can, and indeed are a great source of bargains for langkawi their ex empresass. From investment their new destinations award contracts to financial his ex and keep them informed on the pulse of the market. Some may think that precisely for this purpose is by making it more difficult to apply the model to johor bahru other sectors. It is relatively easy to berhad keep the good vibes when the external auditor becomes economy CFO, sales or when the external consultant became Director of Production of shopping the client company. The company and the former tourism employee are in different market levels, where collaboration, not competition, arise johor as natural. buat duit However, I duit internet think if that sabah can lead to other high field rotation. As Banking, distribution, pendapatan advertising etc ‘: First, assuming corporate as natural as that will have the right to compete with his former company. But emotional ties are maintained, this competition will be healthy, natural, not emaciated, ultimately harming everyone. The second because coopetition opportunities will emerge. The competitor can sometimes be our best partner. We can not reach kuala all businesses to all areas international at all volumes. It is here where trust relationships play an important role. Thirdly, for creating and maintaining a brand image. Who does not remember the golden age of yuppismo the reference marketing to maylasia Arthur. Or who has not trembled to know that his company would be reorganized by McKinseys. That strategy brand of professionals with common cultural values, instead of speaking ill of his alma mater and with it the prestige is prestige to themselves, is something that the Spanish company has to promote. The former uptrend workers stand to gain by strengthening your CV as distinct from others, management companies gain prestige brand, and in these times of talent shortage becomes more a center of attraction. Even at some point, and that is something that is not much in the Spanish company, may involve professional encounter between those who will one day successfully collaborated. Successful business man graduated from the old Wharton school of business Fourth, as Maslow would say, to satiate our need for belonging to a group, to be jutawan accepted. Let us not make unnecessarily traumatic rupture. In an emerging sambilan company relationships, shared experiences, we grow. All this can usahawan not turn down the drain selangor without more. Retain that emotional capital. At certain kereta moments the professional projects, economic or personal enterprise and worker differ. Managing this output the best possible way.

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