Say I Love You!

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The Munich publishing house PersonalNOVEL, known for personalized books, offers the largest product range with over 200 titles in this year a special selection for lovers and lovers: lower there unique to read and enjoy. The most beautiful love stories with a special cover of the jewelry are provided in limited release. Wonderful gift books or literature classics Bookstore quality with personal style and dedication to free selectable font and color guarantee years of joy.

New in our assortment: white, red wine and fine champagne. 12 premium varieties can be fitted with private, fine label wine from Bordeaux and South Tyrol, as well as a Rose and Brut tradition champagne from the area of Reims. There are up to five high quality templates to choose from depending on the wine. Different font types and colors allow a high degree of individualization in the design of the own label in addition. Personal contacts with our growers are the PersonalNOVEL WeinSELECTION for the quality.

So, all wines with the winemakers were selected and tested. A personal wine WINS in its quality substantially by the trust and the contact to the manufacturers. Contact: Julia Grasse (PR & marketing),, Tel. (089) 340 77 19 21 background information to PersonalNOVEL: the personalization specialist PersonalNOVEL worldwide has the largest product range with over 200 personalized books and novels. The spectrum ranges from novels of all kinds of children, children’s books, gift – and company’s books as well as personalized quality wines and champagne -.

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