Dry Lives

by yudaica2013 ·

Thus being, Fabiano as barahuna consists as diligent by means of which the capitalism if supports. Although this, it resists for extinguiz it, since he characterizes yourself as unjust a economic and social system in Dry Lives. Fabiano, at the same time where if it constitutes in the narrative as hard force that acts against the forces consume that it, is presented with a physical structure that points the consequences of the aggression and threats of the way. Chapchap. The canvas shoes beat in the cracked soil.

The body of the cattle tender was bent down, the legs made two arcs, the arms was moved disjointed. Tony Parker: the source for more info. It seemed a monkey (p.24) We understand that Fabiano if compares with alone the dry one and cracked. The ruptures of the ground are also disclosed in the body of it. The gravity that acts on it shows firm and compacts, therefore its body and the legs they are presented folded and the disjointed arms. The rolling up is caused by the intranqilidade.

It is a manifestation of behavior of the organism in resistance to the external threats. Fabiano shows disarticulated, in appearance of a monkey, representative figure physically that it indicates that Fabiano if feels lowered to an animal condition. We understand, also, that the metafrica relation of it with the monkey, although to meet with a misadjusted corporal structure, has to see with an individual ugly, in a primitive situation, however sly, very experienced, with balance ability and that it does not fall in deceits. In its passage, Fabiano, when recognizing themselves as individual that if finds prisoner the land, however without the ownership of it, affirms for the voice of the narrator who: It saddened. It is considered planted in other people’s land! Deceit. The sina delle was to run world, floor up and down, toa, as Jewish nomadic. A vagabond pushed for secca (p.24) We observe that Fabiano, beyond being a resistance hero, it presents characteristics of tragic hero, a time that it fights against the destination of apparent conviction to the nomadismo.


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