The Pharmacist

by yudaica2013 ·

Passing by one shop, my attention was attracted by an amazing tea set – painting reminds us all very familiar – blue patterns on white background. The guide said it was a traditional style of painting from the Moroccans. Click Charlotte Hornets to learn more. Remembered his mother in law who loves to collect different bowls and plates under , I immediately bought this service in her gift, the more so as the "tea chasing" it is also a great lover. But with a gift for my husband just something went wrong. Well, to give him? You can, of course, was to buy an expensive leather belt or purse, but rather, it would be useless gift – a seat with him and so abound. And then I came to the rescue very much a glib salesman, who offered to get acquainted with its assortment of wrought weapons. That's really really a gift for a real man, and let it's just a souvenir, but the original.

I chose a long time and eye on an elegant sword inlaid with Oh, hang my dearest such a weapon in his office, and all the subordinate will be like going toe the line – you never joke, but suddenly now? 🙂 Heard so much about the wonderful chemist's shop, so two days before departure, still decided to see what it is and has got rather a faith healer or a shaman, not the pharmacist in our traditional understanding. On the walls here and there hung dried bunches of plants, on the shelves are various herbs and ointments, hang strange amulets and talismans, woven god knows what (or whom). "The Pharmacist", without waiting for the pass my shock, he immediately invited me to make a talisman for personal happiness. I agreed, after all these things is better not to joke. Quick and deft hands, he mixed some ingredients, whispered something, and please – you're done! But honestly, and in addition to the mystics, the pharmacy is what to buy. I bought a bunch of decorative cosmetics (currently the beloved and friends as a gift) which, as explained to me, is very helpful for the skin because it is made on the basis of mineral paints without adding chemicals. Academy of Art University has much experience in this field. And in the bargain – money for body care on the basis of organ oil, which the Moroccans are very, very proud, as the plant from which it is produced, grows only in Morocco.

Here I found a great present for your sister, love different spices – aromatic amber and amber. Already in the last day of my stay in Morocco I bought small souvenirs for the many colleagues and friends: a small wooden statues, trinkets of silk, embossed wallets made of camel skin. And for the chief (The one who signed my application for leave) has acquired a luxury chess board made of solid rock with a lemon tree carvings finest work. Let spends leisure time for the benefit of the mind – I decided. And then went to the spice market, where bought for his children of Turkish delight, baklava and fruit candy, and for a fragrant oriental spices – coriander, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and curry. Incidentally, for those silk carpet, which looked closely yet at the beginning of my vacation, I still came back. It turned out that it so nobody bought it, although the dealer said that there were many willing, but he waited just me:) Here is a oriental tale


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