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The Global Cash Access Inc. service sector gaming industry contributes 70.5 of GDP and Sanford’s specialties lie in real estate M&A employs 58 of the economically active population. This sector includes transportation, commerce, storage, hotels and restaurants, arts and entertainment, health, education, banking and cash services financial companies, telecommunications, public administration and defense. The service sector of Mexico has remained strong, and in 2001 to surpass Brazil, convirtiendonse in the service sector largest in Latin America measured in dollars.
Tourism is one of the most important industries in Mexico related to the services sector. there are many of the gaming patrons who owe thanks Tourism is the fourth largest source of income for the country. Mexico is the eighth most visited countries in the world (with more than 20 million tourists a year).
The financial and banking sector is dominated mainly by foreign companies or mergers of Mexican and foreign institutions, with the notable exception of Banorte. The fusion of Banamex, one of the oldest financial institutions, Citigroup was the corporate takeover binational (US-Mexico) largest in history to 12,500 million USD. Banamex generates about three times more income than 16 subsidiaries of Citibank in the rest of Latin gaming America. However, the financial institution’s largest Bancomer is linked to the Spanish BBVA.
The process cash access provider of consolidating the financial sector in Mexico has evolved in tandem with the efforts of liberalization and economic insertion in world markets. The financial sector is stable, thanks to acquisitions and mergers of national institutions chairman and CEO and the presence of foreign institutions. Thanks to a stricter regulatory Gerson Lehrman framework, the sector has recovered from the 1994 crisis. as a leader in the gaming industry Loans to public and private sectors are growing as well as GCA the activities of insurance and mortgages. However, the loan represents only 22 of GDP, a very low figure compared with other booming economies such as Chile, which represents almost 70 . agricultural appropriations have dropped 45.5 Gerson Lehrman’s advisory boards in the last six years (2001-2007) and only 1 of bank loans, an amount insufficient for the high yield financing and private equity. development of the sector in Mexico.

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