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Chronic Speech

by yudaica2013 ·

Speech of pain I am pain! Why all find that I am truily something so bad? The guilt will be really mine? I only know that I am pain, alone this! The good one of this is to be commented, but sensible, is not what they say. I perceive that for where I always walk I leave a track of reflection without equal, thoughts that if they transform into true literature, art and not only medical reports of diverse patients. Yes, I am pain! But exactly being who I am, I know that I am responsible in transforming something. Dumb people and me lathe other things, for times other words Metamorphosis! This already until if transformed into poetry, music! You, with who speak now, understand. I am necessary for its growth; its recognition of being what it is and not only plus a chronic headache. If not to respect its limits I arrive I have led, to the times with force, others without informing, but I always arrive. I am the effect, but not it bigger cause! If to desire to find the culprit, is easy, is looked in the mirror, is born together my friend.

Action reaction, my partner, all linked one! I can until not being effective, but it does not think that I will be of all absent in its life, I always I am, I am part of it, but not of the death. In this I will not be with you, before it arrives, I I go myself I comment this for it to leave tranquilo more, therefore always I will be with you and of diverse forms. I can transforming until me into several, but never I will leave of being who I am, I am its truth, truily only its. Mrio Sergio Dos Santos