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How To Deal Effectively With Anxiety

by yudaica2013 ·

Every human feels anxiety from time to time, is a part of life. We all know what it is to feel worry, nervousness, fear and worry. We feel nervous when we have to give a speech, go for a job interview, or go to our head office for the annual performance evaluation. We know it's normal to feel a surge of fear when you unexpectedly see a picture of a snake or look down from the top of a tall building. Most of us manage these kinds of anxious feelings fairly well and are able to get on with our lives without much difficulty.

These feelings do not disrupt our lives. Gina Bonati brings even more insight to the discussion. But millions of people (an estimated 15% of the population) suffer from devastating and constant anxiety that severely affects their lives, sometimes resulting in life to a limited extent. These people suffer from panic attacks, phobias, extreme shyness, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. The feeling of anxiety is a constant and dominating force that disrupts their lives. Some prisoners become their own homes, can not go to work, drive, or go to the grocery store. For these people, anxiety is much more than just pass an occasional arrest.

Types of anxiety disorder affects a person's behavior, thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. The most common anxiety disorders include: Social anxiety or social phobia is a fear of being around other people. People who suffer from this disorder always feel self-conscious to others. They feel that everyone is watching them and staring at them, being critical in some way.