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Social Ecological Consciousness

by yudaica2013 ·

On the one hand, the same company even has one a science able to save and prolong life in several dozen , who sent ships to other planets, and develops laws that defend equality and diversity protection on the other hand, close your eyes to the plight of large areas of our planet, allowing death by starvation and disease million children and adults, slavery and sex of both children and women, as well as animal abuse for fun, the destruction of forests, among other attacks. Vampirizes This model not only nature but the man himself, imprisoned in his own creation, otherwise unsatisfied and longing for life. The abuse inflicted on the environment reverts to the first world, making target where it hurts most: their economy. Social Ecological Consciousness Is A Need There are many voices from the scientific to the humanistic, warning about the urgency of a change at all levels. The current crisis should serve as a lever to a new lifestyle based on a Global Sustainable Development, both environmentally and socially, to respect and protect cultural diversity worldwide.

We need a new awareness, human, ecological and solidarity that prioritizes the intrinsic value of each person, just for the fact of being, whatever its origin, people, race, gender, sexuality, beliefs, culture, gender, and can develop freely and respectfully in its environment. A new model of society where life in all its many manifestations, is an asset to protect. A new awareness to eradicate animal cruelty and discrimination, people who feel and suffer and as manifestations of life, have the same right as men to a dignified existence after its kind, which considered as a partner in this life experience, not as a object.