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Salute Aikido

by yudaica2013 ·

One of the aspects more difficult to understand for a beginner in Aikido is the label in the dojo, cons her classmates with your instructor. A person entering class for the first time does not clearly understand why you have to kneel before an image, why each starts a technique must do came to his companions. This short article aims to give an explanation to the label in Aikido. First, it is necessary to mention that Aikido is a Japanese martial art and as such brings many customs of this country. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). There I have the reason for all the demands of label when practiced Aikido.

1. The permission: ask your classmates came doesn’t mean anything different to shake hands in the Western tradition. It is the way in which the japoneces greet. Have they seen the start of a football game? (soccer): all players shake hands. In Aikido is equal.

2 Respect and reverence to the instructor (Sensei): well, the Japanese culture has a special respect for elders, when you are always in a meeting first speaks to the person who is greater, attention is always given, never is in disagreement with him, when the permission is always done is more pronounced towards one older person. Guess what is the literal translation of Sensei?: birth before, those who are older. Very well, there is the explanation of the respect that should be the instructor. 3 Salute to the photo of O sensei (Kamiza): well, this is really more difficult mainly explained by the solemnity with which the old do it. Really looks like a religious ritual, but it is not. It is simply a sign of respect for a tradition, to a cultural expression, which we voluntarily decided to join: the Japanese martial arts. Well, I hope that this short article will serve them so that when they enter the dojo new people do not feel so out of place.